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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I expect from the Financial Planning process?

Our process begins with a no cost or obligation, introductory meeting and review of your situation. We will review and assess the information you provide (tax returns, insurance policies, asset statements, estate planning documents, employee benefits, etc.). We want to know about your personal goals, values, concerns, dreams, and past experiences.

The financial planning process entails discovering where you are now and where you want to go. We work together to establish and prioritize objectives. We will also review your problems and opportunities, examine alternatives, and make recommendations and align action steps. The last step is assisting you in implementing these recommendations.

2. What is the "Advizr" platform?

Advizr is a revolutionary platform for clients and their advisor to maintain an ongoing and interactive financial picture with dynamic forecasting. Gone are the days of creating a financial plan that sits on a shelf and is obsolete a week after being constructed. With Advizr, clients can import all their account information, map their risk tolerances, calculate projections and view gaps. Advizr even provides a Document Vault for storing of important documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, real estate documents and medical directives. Having a central location for everything can be vitally important during adverse family circumstances. Access to Advizr is a complimentary service for all SGI clients.

3. Am I a good candidate to become an SGI client?

Many of our clients come to us as a referral from a current client or partner. They typically enjoy healthy household incomes and have investment portfolios of $500,000 or more. However, we welcome and enjoy working with clients who do not yet meet these thresholds. Everyone has to start somewhere.

4. What is your investing philosophy?

Our philosophy is to manage your assets as if it were our own. We design your portfolio to achieve its targeted rate of return without taking on additional risk exposure. Whether your portfolio’s goal is aggressive growth or capital preservation or somewhere in between, there are core guiding investment principles that we adhere to are:

  • Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation provides the foundation to managing the long-term risk and return of a portfolio.
  • Low-cost investing through the use of low-expense, no-load mutual fund families, ETF’s, and index funds are preferred.
  • Rebalancing portfolios on a consistent basis should reduce risk and increase returns over time.
  • A mandate to uphold an unbiased, objective, and advocacy roll.